Friday, December 2, 2011

Honda's world trip by Junko Kawatsu. Section AK

View Honda's world trip in a larger map


  1. You did a good job on Honda auto!I could know detailed information about Honda by looking your map such as importing, exporting route etc.
    - Ji Hye Yoon

  2. Junko, you did really well to make this great map.
    Your TNC maps could show the regional markets such as India, also it is related your essay which I reviewed.
    Maybe, this map the better understanding of Honda Motor Company to us.
    - Gunho Shin -

  3. Thank you very much guys! I actually had lots of trouble with edditing this map since I had some issue with google. but I am glad you two saw this as useful material! June

  4. Your map is awesome, June.
    Like gunho said, this map is related to your essay and strengthen your thesis. Anyway, see you tomorrow. oh.. today....... by Andrew