Monday, December 5, 2011

Gap Inc. by Noriyasu Ohgake

より大きな地図で Gap Inc. を表示


  1. You did a very nice job on doing your map. It is very detailed with different stores located and you also mentioned some different teams help to work out for GAP. One thing is I think you can change the language of the map to english instead of japanese.
    -Man Yi Dilys Ng

  2. It is interesting that you indicate various activities of Gap on the map such as sustainable mills or better work conditions. nice job !

    -Jiyoung Jang

  3. Quite well organized. It was good that you tried to show your argument (GAP gives a bad influence on the environment because their production rotation too fast.) on the map

  4. It is interesting and easy to see! well done Nori!and It would be nice if you could add more lines that show us the connection.

  5. The idea of using icon is really original and easy to understand the distribution. great job!

    Natsuo Kiyota